December 12

A couple of things:

One. I hate shopping. I have just returned from a harrowing trip to the Somerset Collection. It’s a collection, all right. A collection of high priced stores populated with high brow snooty people and crowded even in the middle of the day. But…I make gift baskets for the office personnel and it’s the only time I go. Besides, I had to pay my Nordstrom bill.

Two. I hate winter. You already knew that. The high temperature today is 19 degrees. This sucks in more ways than I can tell you.

Three. I’m not too fond of proofreading. I’ve had a headache since I started yesterday.

So I decided to chill out for a minute and a half before I return to the dreaded proofreading.

12-12 sutro

This is my upside down duckie face pose.

Okay. Enough hilarity. I’m going back to work.

Filter: Sutro


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