November 14

It’s my annual got-to-hit-up-local-high-schools-and-give-out-information-time. Before it snows.

Today I went up to Fenton. It’s between Brighton and Flint. I know. HUH? Brighton? Flint? Brighton is small (between the Big City and Lansing); Flint is a broken shell of its former self. In between are lakes and farm land.

It didn’t take me that long.

11-14 mayfair

My observation this week: the farther you get away from “civilization” the more civilized the people are. Yesterday I had to flash my driver’s license to get into the lobby of a city high school. Fenton High School is wide open, no buzzers, no armed guards, no security details.

That’s the trade off for having a corn field across the street.

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