October 21

Well, my email got hacked. I thought I’d come up with a facial expression to match my total disgust and dismay.

10-21 mayfair

I can’t do duck lips (for some odd reason), so instead I thought I’d channel Miley Cyrus.

The poor girl used to be mildly attractive. Now she looks like a stripper, and not a sexy stripper, but a stripper that has seen too many hard days and nights. Also, every recent photo of her features her very long, very ugly tongue slapped over the left side of her face.

I can’t believe she thinks her extended tongue is…attractive. It’s so gross. It looks like it should be braised and served on a bed of sweated onions with a side of smashed potatoes.

Yeah. So my tongue isn’t that long. Nor is it that gross. Even though I had a hot dog for lunch.

And oh, yes. My email got hacked. So if you get any Viagra spam in French with my email address, that’s NOT me.

Just saying.

Filter: Mayfair.



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