October 4

Yearly physical today.

10-04 sutro

So far, quite depressing.

The room was cold. The gown was practically see-through. I wonder how many naked people have used this gown, how many times it was washed, and shouldn’t they start getting something a little more flannel-y with winter coming on? I mean, I’m not asking for a fur lined peep-hole.

I also gained 5 pounds in the last year. Since working out. Since eating right. GARRRR!

I’ll let you know on the blood work when it comes back. My luck, and the cholesterol will be through the roof too.

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One thought on “October 4

  1. Ugh. Stepping on the scale is the worst part of visiting any doctor. I wish they’d take that part out of it. Even worse, when you’ve gained weight and they ask you WHY! Uh…food tastes good? I don’t know!

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