September 11

This is a day that’s not unlike that other one twelve years ago.

Hot, sun shining, fluffy clouds floating across a clear blue sky.

Even though I live in Michigan, I was affected. I IMed my friend in NYC until communications were scrambled. Friends were lost, friends of friends, one a pilot of one of the planes. The news reports were gripping. We were glued to the TV.

And then a week of relative silence, no planes overhead, people hoping against the odds, contemplating the whisper that is our lives. Mourning. Praying. Holding our loved ones a little closer.

09-11 RISE

I looked at the coverage today for a hot minute. I care, and I cry, and I have to step away from the screen. You can’t do anything with evil and destruction except for take the ash and create something positive and good.

Filter: Rise

As in Rise from the Ashes


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