August 23


Realized I wrote “April” instead of “August” on my last post. Stupid me. Could be the unseasonable, April like weather we’ve been having. While not a real Bummer Summer, it’s pretty damned close.

Last night, I went out on the deck to assess the plants. That’s because in about six weeks, we will have to drag them ALL BACK INTO THE HOUSE. Global warming, my eye.

08-23 willow

As you can see, this philodendron, which I brought to Michigan with me from Minnesota twenty-seven years ago, has really reveled in the outdoors this year. It’s nearly as big as I am! Definitely wider than the doorway.

Which begs the question, how the hell are we going to get this monster back in the house?

I know. We should build a greenhouse. Or move to a temperate climate where philodendrons (and bird of paradise, and jade plants, and angel trumpets) can live outside in freedom and fresh air.

Not gonna happen.

My husband is too cheap.

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