August 11

This is me a few hours ago deciding whether or not I should roll out of bed.

08-11 willow

If you must know, that didn’t last long. I’m a busy woman.

It is now 11:21 a.m. In the meantime, I canned a load of tomatoes (with garlic, bay leaf, and Japanese eggplant), did two loads of laundry, cleaned off the counter tops and the kitchen table (which was covered in wire and beads), dusted the roses (they really needed it, poor things have rot), and headed to work, where I am working, tweeting, Facebooking, and packing up a box for my daughter. In a half hour when I’m finished, I plan on going to the store for provisions, hitting Nordstrom to pay my bill, and making dinner. (The Big Guy says he’s hungry for walleye.) Then I might edit a bit before working out.

Phew. And this is Sunday, my day of rest.

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