May 18

My busy day continues. That’s because I live in Michigan, and at any time the weather can turn and I won’t be able to garden for days. (Unless I want to garden in inclement weather. Which, no, I do not want to garden when it’s snowing, sleeting, raining, hailing, etc.)

05-18 walden

Pictured above are my skinny legs (I’m thinking after 57 years of living that if your legs are skinny when you’re three, they will likely continue that way until the end of time), knobby knees (ditto), and antique running shoes. I know the shoes are old because I recently went shopping for running shoes. Running shoes are no longer white – or even black. They are day-glo orange, purple and green, i.e. uglier than sin. Needless to say, I walked out of that Dick’s Sporting Goods store in disgust.

I am in shorts and running shoes because I plan to be running all day. Case in point: I hit up Sam’s Club at 7:30 a.m. and loaded up the back of my Prius with all the potting soil and dirt I thought I could cram in there. I found out I could have crammed in a few more bags.

So I’ll be busy.


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