April 7

Perhaps you have heard of my NordicTrack x11 adventures.

Maybe not.

My brand spanking new NordicTrack incline treadmill, delivered on January 29 of THIS year, decided to blow up on March 17 of THIS year.

Keep in mind that I’m 1. OLD, 2. FAT, and 3. have NEVER been of the athletic persuasion. I’m also minorly hypochondriatic (yeah. I know those aren’t real words) about my chances of getting heart disease, since I had one parent drop dead of a heart attack and the other with more than one heart surgery. So I’m not going to break any speed records trying to get myself into shape. And the cell phone is next to the water bottle with 9-1-1 pre-set in case I keel over.

My point: The treadmill should have lasted more than 58 days before breaking down.

There were parts to be shipped (from Utah, via stagecoach), so I had to wait another two and a half weeks before the machine was “fixed” (for now).

Meaning my iFit Fit score is back among the slugs. Meaning I have to start from scratch getting myself back into reasonable shape because in two and a half weeks I have gorged myself on all the good food and drink (as per usual) and have no physical regimen (because why go outside when you have a $2500 piece of equipment taking up space in your bedroom?) with which to at least keep the calories at bay.

Two slow workouts a day until I’m up and running.

04-07 Hudson

Boob sweat. It’s a gross thing.

I love purple.

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