April 6

Confession: I am a chronic flosser.

I’m sorry, but I have a teeth fetish. I have nightmares of my teeth falling out.

I don’t want to die of gum disease that has spread to my brain.

04-06 willow

If there is a speck of pepper lodged between my teeth, I can feel it. It bothers me so much that I MUST REMOVE IT.


I use more floss in a year than the rest of my family combined.

I have floss all over the house. I have different types of floss in the car. I’m partial to minty flavors.

Yes, I can floss and drive. There are floss doo-dads on the market that make it easy.

But I would never text and drive.

Pretty sure the floss phenomenon is NOT a hipster characteristic, but when have I ever been wedged into a stereotype?

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